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  • Okt. 2020




BTW nummer BE 0817425928, Busschotstraat 16, Begijnendijk

OMSCHRIJVING (nieuwe aankoop) Jaarabonnement
Totaal: €48,00
Factuur van WordPress voor website 48 Euro waar ik graag donaties voor zou hebben en voor het project Paard als Spiegel voor beschadigde kinderen, Bill for the website from WordPress I’d like donations for and for the project Horse as Mirror for damaged children.

This site is a live document and it is regularly updated. Your access and use of constitutes your acceptance of all site content, effective from the date of first use. I may revise any page at any time without notice and this Small Print page in particular should be regularly checked. Continued use of this site after a change has been made or a policy has been amended is your acceptance of that change or policy.


Disclaimer & legal liability waiver.

1) Disclaimer & liability waiver

  • 1.1 My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary.
  • 1.2 If you choose to use the website; join me in any way; and / or make a donation, this is unconditionally and completely of your own free will; at your own risk; and entirely within the understanding that any outcome(s) are completely beyond both my and your control.
  • 1.3 You therefore forever release, waive and discharge myself (mirjam : schouten, BASc), my team, any volunteers, Softrevolutionoflove Donations Ltd and Talen’t PR consultancy from any and all legal claims and liability, without limitation. This includes but is not limited to any and all types of upset, misunderstanding, injury or damage arising from any and all types of contact with; participation in; or use of information, events or products connected with the above four parties.

2) Medical & therapeutic disclaimer

  • 2.1 I generate healings from the Ladies and Lords of Shamballah and make no claim to change or heal you myself. This occurs entirely under the jurisdiction of your own source connection.
  • 2.2 I am a spiritual teacher, not a medical doctor, I’m an energy worker, a counsellor and an intuitive / psychic and I offer emotional support or personal advice.
  • 2.3 Your actions, choices and decisions (or lack of them) are entirely your own responsibility. Please consult a qualified professional in relation to any practical, medical, legal, financial, business, psychological or emotional issue you may have.

3) Recording live events disclaimer & liability waiver

  • 3.1 Your presence at my events constitutes express and irrevocable consent to the recording of your voice and image – and is a waiver of any and all legal claims, without limitation.

4) Testimonial disclaimer

  • 4.1 Your submission of any oral or written communication and / or testimonials constitutes express and irrevocable consent to the anonymous use of your words on the softrevolutionoflove website and social media.
  • 4.2 Any testimonials on the softrevolutionoflove website and social media do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, indication or prediction of any given outcome.


Copyright, fair use & sharing.

1) Copyright & fair use

  • 1.1 All content produced by mirjam : schouten, BASc. including but not limited to audio, video, media and oral / written pieces is subject to full copyright protection under Belgian law. No content may be copied, distributed, published, reproduced, transcribed, altered, sold, re-sold, or re-packaged in any way without my permission.
  • 1.2 All content produced by mirjam : schouten, BASc. is for personal use only. It may not be used professionally.
  • 1.3 All visual works on the softrevolutionoflove website (photographs, digital images, paintings, posters) are my own and the ones that aren’t are published with permission of the artists/makers; from Unsplash; are non-copyrighted; or are works in the public domain. They are employed for educational / non-profit purposes under the terms of Fair Use in the Copyright Act.
  • 1.4 Your own recording of any of my events as well as any use or replication of my recorded content is strictly prohibited.

2) Sharing my work with others

  • 2.1 If you wish to enable people to join my events, please use the prescribed registration link only, given by the softrevolutionoflove organisation, so someone makes their own sign up. You may not share your own event registration link with someone else.
  • 2.2 If you wish to share event content, please use the prescribed Library link only, given by the softrevolutionoflove organisation. You may not share the content from an event, which is copyrighted, in any way, on any medium.
  • 2.3 If you wish to share the Latest track, please use the URL. You may not share the Latest track without this link.
  • 2.4  If you wish to share any video, track, artwork or booklet, please use the prescribed link only.
  • 2.5  If you wish to share any of my LinkedIn/ Twitter posts, please attribute them as follows: TalenT PR Consultancy
  • 2.6  If you wish to quote any of my words, you must attribute them as follows: mirjam : schouten, BASc. © TalenT PR Consultancy. Please note: a quote is not transcribing a section of my event content, which is copyrighted and available only via an event or Library link, then reproducing it.


Privacy policy.

1) Cookies

  • 1.1 When you use, small files known as cookies are inserted into your device to collect information about your online activity and how you browse its pages mainly to remember what you’ve already seen so you’re not shown it again.
  • 1.2 I also use cookie data to update and improve user experience but this will never be used to identify you or to collect or store your personal data.

2) Data security

  • 2.1 I ensure that your data is as safe as is reasonably possible while it is processed and stored, including encryption of your personal information using SSL technology. I have set up secure systems and processes to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data.
  • 2.2 In sharing your personal data with the softrevolutionoflove organisation you accept that no method of data transmission or storage can ever be guaranteed 100% secure.

3) Your rights

  • 3.1 You can request a copy of your personal data; that anything inaccurate in your personal data is corrected immediately; or that your personal data is erased at any time. Please contact my team at
  • 3.2 I collect personal information and usage data from you.
  • 3.3 Personal information includes your name, phone number, email address and bank card information.
  • 3.4 Usage data includes information about you and your computer / device used to access the softrevolutionoflove website.

5) How and when I collect that personal data

  • 5.1 I collect personal information at the time you give it to me and when you communicate with me. This includes when you communicate with myself or softrevolutionoflove by phone or email; or when you purchase a service from Talen’t PR Consultancy or a Shamballah remote Multi-Dimensional Healing.
  • 5.2 I collect usage data when you use the website.

6) How I use your personal data

  • 6.1 I may use your personal information and usage data for optimising and enhancing the performance, functionality and user experience of the website – especially to make it quicker, easier and clearer to sign up for events or complete digital processes / transactions.

7) How I share your personal data

  • 7.1 If you write to me, you agree that a member of my team may receive and answer your email on my behalf.
  • 7.2 Only members of the team have access to your personal data; that access is strictly within the remit of their job specification; and they have all signed a Non Disclosure Agreement, without exception.

8) How long I retain your personal data

I keep your personal data for as long as it is needed for communication purposes and however long the law and any contractual obligations require me to.

I accept no responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your computer system or the data stored on it while using this website.

EU GDPR compliance

  • I take this legislation very seriously and have taken stringent steps including external evaluation to ensure that continues to be compliant with this legislation.

Anti money laundering (AML) compliance

  • If I suspect any donation to be linked with money laundering or terrorist financing activities, I am duty bound to report this. For this purpose I employ systems and controls to make internal suspicious activity reports.


Payment service provider (PSP) issues.

PSP errors cannot be rectified after 30 calendar days. Any exception to this rule is entirely at my discretion.

All donations are final

  • 1.1 There are no refunds
  • 1.2 Any exception to this rule is entirely at my discretion.
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